Fix DJI Avata Drone Range and Video Quality

A common problem faced by DJI Avata Drone users, particularly in Europe, is the issue of weak signal and reduced range. Some users encounter problems such as ‘connection has failed,‘ ‘image transmission has been lost,‘ and the drone automatically returning home even at short distances, for example, 100 meters. In this guide, I will provide a step-by-step solution to resolve these issues using a simple and cost-effective approach.

FCC DJI Fly App Mod

The solution involves using the DJI Fly app with an unlocked American FCC mode, provided by DRONE TWEAKS, through their FCC mod. The app is available for purchase at around 24 euros. Below, I provide a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

  1. First restart the drone and goggles, plug in the phone, run the [FCC DJI FLY] app.
A image of FCC DJI FLY App

2. Click [OK].

A image of DJI Avata FCC Mode Enabled

3.Then Click to [Go FLY].

A Image of DJI Avata GO Fly Mode

4. Click [OK].

A Image of DJI Avata Unlocking License

5. Click [OK] again.

A image of DJI Avata Restriction Effect

6. Finally Click [Confirm] For the unlock.

A image of DJI Avata Fly Confirmation

DJI Avata Drone Range Test with FCC Unlock

With FCC Unlock You Feel the true power of Avata. The smooth and uninterrupted flight, even through obstacles like trees. A side-by-side comparison emphasizes the improvement after the FCC unlock, with attention to bitrate and overall video clarity.

A image of FCC VS Flystock

You can pushes the limits of the unlocked Avata drone, testing its maximum range. Flying up to 2.5 kilometers with a perfect signal, the user notes that the drone’s range is now limited by battery capacity, not the signal.

A image of DJI Avata Drone 2.5_Distance

The FCC DJI Fly app mod is a cost-effective solution to unlock FCC mode and improve signal strength.

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