Raiden Ray

Raiden Ray

A image of Hacker Drone

The Rise of Hacker Drones

The idea of hacking using drones has previously been just that, an idea. We’ve seen the potential of hacker drones discussed at various hacking conferences; some people have even made proof-of-concept devices. However, we’ve never seen one actually being used…

A image of Drone Losing Signal image

Why Does My Drone Keep Losing Signal?

Today, we’re diving into the frustrating issue of losing signal with your drone. It’s not just annoying; it can be a bit nerve-wracking too. Let’s explore the seven potential reasons why this might be happening. Let’s jump right in! 1.…

A Picture of DJI inspire 3

DJI INSPIRE 3 Drone BEST Settings

The groundbreaking And particularly designed for cinematic capture Using DJI Inspire 3. In this article, we will delve into the extensive recording and monitor color settings, providing insights into various features that enhance the drone’s capabilities for filmmakers and cinematographers.…

A image of DJI Avata

Fix DJI Avata Drone Range and Video Quality

A common problem faced by DJI Avata Drone users, particularly in Europe, is the issue of weak signal and reduced range. Some users encounter problems such as ‘connection has failed,‘ ‘image transmission has been lost,‘ and the drone automatically returning…