Resolving DJI Spark Drone ESC Error Status | Effective Solutions

Some DJI users complain that the drone is not working as it was supposed to. After they powered On their DJI Spark Drone. When they tried to take off, ESC status error showed, which means the ESC is broken. one of the motors started to heat up, an LED wouldn’t blink, and after connecting the drone to the DJI app, it says cannot take off . In this blog tutorial, we will show you how you can fix this ESC status error for only a few US dollars. Let’s fix it!

A Picture of ESC Error

What is ESC

A Picture of ESC Diagram

Now, ESC Full Form is Electronic speed controllers. It’s an essential part of the DJI Spark drone, and the performance of the drone is entirely dependent on the variable speed of the motors. ESCs are powered from direct current, essentially your LiPo battery. They take the motor signal from the flight controller output and provide a three-phase alternating current to power the motor. So, they offer high resolution, high power, and high-frequency outputs to drive your motors.

Removing ESC In DJI Spark Drone

A Picture of DJI Spark Drone Motor Lid

Before proceeding with any repair, the initial step is to power off the drone.. To do this, click and hold the power button of the DJI Spark Drone. Then, we need to disconnect the battery, which is very straightforward. Because our issue is solely with the ESC, there’s no necessity to open up the entire drone to access the ESC within.

A Picture of Spark ESC

Take a flat-head screwdriver and open this lid. Be careful and don’t use too much pressure. The ESC is held in its place with these two screws, which are normal Phillips head. While removing the screws, make sure not to use an oversized screwdriver, as it will damage the screw head.

Replacing ESC

After removing the bracket that held the ESC in place, I replaced the ESC. Then, I reconnected the battery and powered on the drone. An entire ESC started to heat up. Instead of wasting time trying to find the specific component of the ESC that was broken, I searched on eBay and Amazon and found this replacement ESC, which was only $14 USD.


A Picture of ESC

Removing old ESC

A Picture of removing ESC

One week after placing the order, I received the ESC. Now, we just have to replace it. For that, you’ll need some soldering tools. I used my soldering iron to heat up the solder and then used a soldering wick to remove all the excess solder and disconnected the wires from the ESC

Adding New ESC

A Picture of Adding New ESC

In the new ESC, I made sure all the connections were properly soldered and insulated with heat shrink tubing. Then, I carefully placed the new ESC back into its position, reattached the bracket, and tightened the screws. Finally, I closed the lid and powered on the drone


After successfully conducting the indoor test flight, I decided to take the drone outside for further testing. I powered on the drone, and this time, all the LEDs lit up as expected. With cautious optimism, I launched the drone into the air and began to fly it around the outdoor space. To my delight, the drone responded perfectly to my commands, maneuvering smoothly and without any signs of the previous ESC error. It hovered steadily, responded to changes in direction, and maintained stable flight throughout the test.

Feeling confident in the repair, you can flew the drone for a longer duration, exploring different flight modes and capturing some aerial footage. The drone performed admirably, demonstrating that the ESC replacement had indeed resolved the issue.

Absolutely! With the ESC issue successfully resolved, you can now enjoy my DJI Spark drone to its fullest potential. It’s ready to take to the skies for countless flights and adventures, allowing you to capture stunning aerial footage and explore new perspectives. you can continue your drone journey with confidence, knowing that your DJI Spark Drone is in excellent working condition.

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