Empower Your Flight: Dominate Parrot ANAFI AI’s Touch and Fly Feature

Today, we’ll explore the touch-and-fly feature that comes with built-in Parrot Anafi AI. In this blog walkthrough, we’ll delve into the functionality and effectiveness of the touch-and-fly mission within Free Flight 7. Let’s get started.

How to use Touch and Fly Feature

A Picture Parrot Anafi AI Free Flight

First, let’s navigate to the Heads-Up Display (HUD) in FreeFlight 7.

From the bottom left corner, select the “Missions” tab, then choose “Touch and Fly.”

A Picture of Free-Flight 4

Touch and Fly is as simple as touching the Map.

Verifying the Altitude and the Speed and then pressing the play button. However, you’ll notice that you have to take off before you can use this function.


Before flight, remember to calibrate, update, and ensure your aircraft is functioning properly.

A Picture of Free-Flight 7

Now that our preflight checks are done, it’s time to take off the aircraft. Once the aircraft is in a stabilized hover, the play button will illuminate, and you can activate touch and fly.

A Picture of Free-Flight 8

You’ll notice that once Touch and Fly has been activated, the aircraft will proceed to the waypoint in a linear fashion. This means that it will not rise to the altitude beforehand but rise to the altitude during the mission itself.

Point of Interest Feature In Parrot Anafi AI

A Picture of Free-Flight 9

Touch and Fly mode also acts as a Point of Interest mode, meaning that the camera will stay fixed on wherever you select, and you can maneuver the aircraft around for that perfect shot. Likewise, whenever you drop a new waypoint on the map, the aircraft will automatically turn and look at that waypoint.

Switch Map View To Camera View

A Picture of Free-Flight 10

To switch between the map view and the live camera view, simply tap on the smaller image in the right corner.

Zoom Camera

A Picture of Free-Flight 11

While flying to a waypoint in touch and fly mode, you can still manipulate the camera’s angle and zoom level. However, since the camera is looking at a fixed point, you will not be able to operate the yaw. To exit touch and fly, all we need to do is hit the stop button or take over manually with the flight controls. You can Zoom your Camera up to 2.5X.

You should now have a good understanding of the touch and fly mission found in the Parrot Anafi AI application.

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